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   November 5, 2021 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Russell Ebert, 72

 Australian Football 

 Hall of Fame member 

 Russell Ebert (Port 

 Adelaide, North Melbourne) 

 has died of leukemia 

 at the age of 72. 



(June 22, 1949 - Nov. 5, 2021)



Ebert was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia In December 2021. With the Port Adelaide Magpies, Ebert set a club record with 392 games played, earning three Premier League titles, four Magarey medals, and six best and fairest awards. He was just inducted into the South Australian Sports Hall of Fame as a "legend."


After Sir Donald Bradman and Bart Cummings (2010), Barrie Robran (2011), Victor Richardson and Gillian Rolton (2016), and Anne Meares (2017), he became the seventh 'legend' (2020). In addition to his 392 games with Port Adelaide, Ebert also appeared in 25 games for North Melbourne and 29 games for South Australia.


Russell Ebert is also a member of the Australian Football Hall of Fame and a center on the greatest Port Adelaide squad of all time. Ebert transitioned from playing to coaching, captaining Port Adelaide in 116 games between 1983 and 1987 before moving on to coach at Woodville and South Australia.


Russell then genuinely bloomed as a modest but powerful leader in wider society, not just football, and for more than 30 years he worked tirelessly every day to improve his town, using his profile and leadership to show people better ways to respect each other and support those who have fought.
Russell Ebert was recently promoted to the position of a legend in the South Australian Sports Hall of Fame, having played 392 games for the club and winning three premier titles and six best and fairest awards.

Cause of death: leukemia.

   November 4, 2021 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Lionel Blair, 92

 British actor, dancer, 

 entertainer ('Give Us a Clue'), 

 TV presenter, and dancer 

 Lionel Blair, died at the 

 age of 92. 



(Dec. 12, 1928 – Nov. 4, 2021)



British actor, choreographer and dancer Lionel Blair (born Henry Lionel Ogus) died at the age of 93. The icon of the British entertainment scene was a key character of tiny screens in the 60s and 70s, and the Daily Mail writes that Blair died away accompanied by his family. His manager stated, "The family cherished him and they are all delighted to have been with him till the very last minute."


Lionel Blair was born in Canada and came to the UK with his family when he was barely two years old. He has loved dancing since he was a boy, and he has often stated that while hiding from an assault during World War II, he entertained numerous people.


He began acting when he was 13 years old, and after his father died, he determined to support his family financially. Soon after, his mother died, and he was left to care for himself. He built a name for himself in show business and has since become something of a British legend. Anthony Newley, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, and Liza Minnelli are just a few of the celebrities with whom he has worked this year. He has appeared in several films, television programs, and commercials.


Blair was a true hoofer and a fantastic choreographer, doing a dazzling dance routine with his friend and hero Sammy Davis Jr at the 1961 Royal Variety Show and directing one of Danny La Rue's most elaborate spectaculars at the Palace Theater in 1970. Even if the reviewers squirmed at times, audiences appreciated his distinctive style of flamboyant ingratiation because he was quick on his feet and funny in conversation.


He has been on the scene for over seven decades, and many of his coworkers have stated that they enjoy working with him. He married Susan in 1967 and once claimed that shared experiences are the key to a good marriage.


Cause of death: natural causes.

   November 3, 2021 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Warren Powers, 80

 Warren Powers, the former 

 Missouri head football coach, 

 died in St. Louis at the age of 

 80 after a long battle with 

 Alzheimer's disease. 



(Feb. 19, 1941 – Nov. 3, 2021)



Powers had been battling Alzheimer's disease since 2014. Howard Richards, a Mizzou radio commentator who played under Powers in the late 1970s, broke the news first on Twitter. In 1977, Powers led the Cougars to a 7-4 record (2-4 in Pac-8) in his lone season on the Palouse.


According to a Washington Post report from December of that year, he had signed a three-year deal with WSU and had to pay the institution for his contract release to pursue his dream position at Missouri.


Over three years, Powers paid WSU $55,000 out of his pocket, plus 9% interest. From 1978 through 1984, he led the Tigers to six winning seasons and a 3-2 record in bowl games.

As a head coach, he had a 53-37-3 overall record and was awarded Walter Camp Coach of the Year in 1978, when he took over a faltering Mizzou program and led it to an 8-4 record and a Liberty Bowl victory. He was also named coach of the year by the Associated Press for the 1983 season when Missouri went 7-5 and tied for second place in the Big Eight Conference, the program's highest performance in the conference under Powers.


Powers, a native of Kansas City, attended Nebraska and started at safety for the Oakland Raiders when they won the AFL title in 1967. In 1968, he played in Super Bowl II before accepting an assistant coaching position at his alma university the following year.

He won the position at WSU after eight seasons with the Cornhuskers. To begin the season, he led the unranked Cougs to Lincoln, Nebraska, where they defeated No. 15 Nebraska on Sept. 10. Jackie Sherrill, Powers' predecessor at WSU, also only coached the Cougars for one season, a 3-8 effort in 1976.


With 11 games under their belts, Powers, Sherrill, and recently departed coach Nick Rolovich is tied for the shortest stint as WSU's football coach.


Cause of death: complications from Alzheimer's disease.

   November 2, 2021 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

   November 1, 2021 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Pat Martino, 77

 Pat Martino, a well-known 

 and influential jazz guitarist, 

 and composer from 

 Philadelphia died at the 

 age of 77. 


(Aug. 25, 1944 – Nov. 1, 2021)



Pat Martino (born Patrick Carmen Azzara) began his career playing and recording with Lloyd Price, Willis Jackson, and Eric Kloss. Charles Earland, Richard "Groove" Holmes, Jack McDuff, Don Patterson, Trudy Pitts, Jimmy Smith, Gene Ludwig, and Joey DeFrancesco are among the jazz organists he has collaborated with.


Martino continued to perform until 1980 when he was nearly killed by an arteriovenous malformation that caused him to bleed. As a result, he suffered from amnesia and had no recollection of his career or the instrument that had made him famous.


Martino claims he awoke in complete oblivion after surgery, learning to focus on the present rather than the past. He was forced to teach himself how to play the guitar from the ground up. This circumstance is crucial to comprehending his career and way of thinking.


Even in the examples, he gives in his books and instructional videos, Martin's lines contain chromatic connections beyond any particular IIm7 chord that could be conceptualized through the chord progression. He explained that the system was created more as a way to explain his playing than as a tool for making music. "Although the analysis of some of my recorded solos is referred to as modal, I personally have never acted in that manner," I say. "Instead of using a scale or formulas, I always relied on my own melodic instinct."


In a poll conducted by Down Beat magazine in 2004, he was named Guitarist of the Year. He has received two Grammy nominations and two awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He led the band to 27 albums, the most recent of which was "Formidable" in 2017.


Cause of death: chronic respiratory disorder.

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