notable deaths in november 2022

This is a list of recent notable deaths in November 2022.

The following deaths of notable and famous people occurred in November 2022.

   November 30, 2022 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

John Hadl, 82

John Hadl, 82

(February 15, 1940 – November 30, 2022)

American Hall of Fame football player (Kansas Jayhawks, San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams) and coach (Los Angeles Express).
Cause of death: unknown.



John Hadl, a longtime NFL quarterback who made six Pro Bowl appearances and was named to the All-Pro team, passed away on Wednesday. Prior to his professional career, Hadl had played for his native Kansas Jayhawks. He was 82. Hall's death was revealed by the institution in a statement, citing his family.


Hadl had returned to the school after his playing days to serve as a coach and fundraiser. The reason wasn't stated. Hadl, who attended Lawrence High School, a short distance from the campus of Kansas, and was a two-sport standout, established his reputation playing football for the Jayhawks.


He established a record for the longest punt of 94 yards that is still in use as a sophomore and, until 2007, held the record for the longest interception return with a 98-yarder. He also led the NCAA in punting during the same season.


Hadl was selected by the San Diego Chargers in the AFL selection at number 24 overall and by the Detroit Lions at number 10 overall in the 1962 NFL draft, where he ultimately decided to pursue his career.


Before the AFL and NFL merged, Hadl played with the Chargers for 11 seasons, leading them to three AFL championship games. He then spent the final three seasons of his career with the Packers, Rams, and Oilers.


Hadl made a comeback to Kansas as an assistant after retiring in 1977, helping the Jayhawks win the 1981 Hall of Fame Bowl. Before moving back to Kansas in 1988, he coached for the Los Angeles Express, the Denver Broncos, and the Rams of the USFL.


For the following 30 years, he worked tirelessly to generate money for the Williams Education Fund.

   November 28, 2022 

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Clarence Gilyard, 66

Clarence Gilyard, 66

(December 24, 1955 – 28 November 2022)

American actor (Walker, Texas Ranger, Die Hard, The Facts of Life, 227, Simon & Simon, and Riptide,Matlock) and university professor.
Cause of death: unknown.



At the age of 66, actor Clarence Gilyard Jr. passed away. He co-starred as James Trivette on the CBS television series Walker, Texas Ranger.


In a press release on Monday, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where Gilyard had been a film professor since 2006, reported the actor's passing. Although no specific cause of death was revealed, Gilyard is said to have had a prolonged illness.


For television viewers, Gilyard was best known as Jimmy Walker, the partner and close friend of Chuck Norris' Cordell Walker in Texas Rangers. He made his debut in the first episode of the series and continued to make appearances in nearly all of the 200 or so episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger as well as two Walker TV features.


Other significant TV appearances include CHiPs, The Duck Factory, The Matlock (which he joined in Season 4 as private eye Conrad McMasters), and Matlock.


In terms of movies, Gilyard played two iconic characters from 1980s popular culture: navy flight commander Marcus "Sundown" Williams in Top Gun and Hans Gruber's technician Theo in Die Hard.

   November 25, 2022 

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Irene Cara, 63

Irene Cara, 63

(March 18, 1959 – November 25, 2022)

American singer ("Flashdance... What a Feeling") and actress (Sparkle, Jesus Christ Superstar, Fame), Oscar winner (1983).
Cause of death: unknown.



Irene Cara (born Irene Cara Escalera), an Oscar and Grammy winner best known for the theme songs of "Fame" and "Flashdance" in the early 1980s, has died, according to her publicist. She was 63 years old. Cara passed away in her Florida home. According to the statement, the reason for death remains unknown.


Cara began her career as a child actor on the TV show "Electric Company," before moving on to roles as a teen in the films "Aaron Loves Angela" and "Sparkle."


Her breakthrough came in the 1980 musical "Fame," by Coco Hernandez, about New York's High School for the Performing Arts. She scored a success with the title song from that film, as well as another with the ballad "Out Here on My Own."


That year, Irene was nominated for a Golden Globe and two Grammys. Cara co-wrote the lyrics for "Flashdance... What a Feeling," another radio blockbuster for which she won an Oscar for Best Original Song and a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female three years later.


Her other singles were "Why Me" and "Breakdance." She also appeared in films such as "City Heat," starring Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood, "D.C. Cab," starring Mr. T, and "Certain Fury," starring Tatum O'Neal.


Cara scored three Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 successes during her career, including "Breakdance," "Out Here On My Own," "Fame," and "Flashdance... What A Feeling," which lasted six weeks at No. 1. She was responsible for some of the most upbeat, high-energy pop tunes of the early 1980s.


Cara received her Oscar from Beals during the 56th Academy Awards. Before praising her parents, professors, and other artists, the singer termed it "the most priceless honor."

   November 22, 2022 

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John Y. Brown Jr., 88

John Y. Brown Jr., 88

(December 28, 1933 – November 22, 2022)

American businessman and politician, governor of Kentucky (1979–1983) and co-owner of KFC (1963–1971).
Cause of death: complications from COVID-19.



The fact that Brown established Kentucky Fried Chicken as a significant international fast-food brand is likely how most people will remember him. However, it was his tenure as governor of Kentucky that solidified Brown's reputation as a respected statesman. By the time Brown decided to run for governor, he was a well-known Democratic fundraiser in the 1970s.


As a skilled salesperson, he also developed an international reputation. Before Brown made Kentucky Fried Chicken a worldwide name and a global corporation, it was a chain of small-town eateries. In addition, he had three basketball clubs under his ownership, including the Boston Celtics.


From 1979 until 1983, he presided as Kentucky's 55th governor. He was able to defeat former Republican governor Louie B. Nunn in the general election thanks to a successful media campaign supported by money from the riches that helped him win the Democratic primary. Brown had the unfortunate timing of taking office as the recession's hold was becoming more severe and tax receipts were declining.


Although he received praise for maintaining the state's financial stability, thousands of state employees lost their jobs, and they turned against Brown in his two subsequent elections. Brown, who was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1933, worked as one of Encyclopedia Britannica's top salesmen to pay his way through the University of Kentucky's undergraduate program and law school.


In 1964, he co-bought Kentucky Fried Chicken from Harland Sanders after serving in the US Army Reserve. KFC would become well-known thanks to Brown, who made the business momentarily the biggest fast-food operation in the world. After selling the restaurant in 1971, Brown invested money in several professional sports organizations before entering politics.


In the future, Brown would use his reputation in the state to launch a successful run for governor, serving as the governor of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983. 


His campaign slogan, “Running government like a business,” leaned on his corporate credentials and media-friendly presence. In 2009, Harvard Business School honored Brown as one of the top American business leaders of the 20th century, along with Ray Kroc, Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates.


His catchphrase during the election, "Running government like a company," drew on his background in business and public relations. Along with Ray Kroc, Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates, Brown was recognized by Harvard Business School in 2009 as one of the most influential businessmen in the United States throughout the 20th century.

   November 20, 2022 

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Jason David Frank, 49

Jason David Frank, 49
(September 4, 1973 – November 20, 2022)

American actor (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sweet Valley High, The Junior Defenders) and mixed martial artist. 
Cause of death: suicide.



The actor Jason David Frank, who portrayed the green Power Ranger in the well-known television series from the 1990s, passed away at the age of 49. Suicide is the cause of death.


Today, millennials are crying. Jason David Frank, an American actor best known for portraying Tommy/Green Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series (1993–1996), passed away today at the age of 49.


The depressing news was confirmed by a Power Rangers brand representative. The Green Ranger character was played by Jason David Frank for a total of fourteen episodes of the series that drove the world insane at the end of 1993, and his charisma immediately attracted young fans.


Tommy has joined a diverse group of high school students who transform into warriors with help from ancient robot sidekicks on a permanent basis. Tommy evolved throughout the series into the White Ranger and the team's leader.

The series is based on a dub and collage of the original 1970s Japanese series. Tommy appeared as the Green Ranger, White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V-Red, Red Turbo Ranger, and Dino Thunder Black Ranger in the Power Rangers franchise.


As a proud holder of an eighth-day black belt in martial arts, actor Jason David Frank brought a reputation for Tommy's skill in this area to the role.

   November 17, 2022 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Michael Gerson, 58

Michael Gerson, 58

(May 15, 1964 – November 17, 2022) 
American journalist (The Washington Post) and speechwriter, White House Director of Speechwriting (2001–2006).
Cause of death: complications from kidney cancer.



President George W. Bush's principal speechwriter and longtime Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson has passed away.


He was 58. Gerson, a moderate conservative, served as senior policy adviser and chief wordsmith for Bush's 2000 presidential campaign. During Bush's presidency, he worked as one of the president's top advisors, holding the positions of deputy assistant, assistant for policy and strategic planning, and director of presidential speechwriting.


As a speechwriter, he played a crucial role in creating important messages of peace and unity following the terrorist atrocities on September 11, 2001.


Gerson oversaw a group of speechwriters and was responsible for the creation of presidential addresses and speeches that introduced the axis of evil and propelled the US into the Iraq War. Following a heart ailment in 2004, he took a break from authoring speeches before departing the Bush administration in 2006.


Following his time in the White House, he started writing opinion pieces for the Washington Post, where he frequently criticized former President Barack Obama's foreign policy and the GOP's support for former President Donald Trump.

   November 16, 2022 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Robert Clary, 96

Robert Clary, 96

(March 1, 1926 – November 16, 2022)
French-American actor (Hogan's Heroes, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful).
Cause of death: natural causes.


French-born Robert Clary, a survivor of the Nazi death camps during World War II, has passed away.


He was most known for his role as a feisty prisoner of war in the unlikely 1960s sitcom "Hogan's Heroes." He was 96. Brenda Hancock, Clary's niece, confirmed Thursday that he passed away on Wednesday at his Los Angeles-area home from natural causes.


Clary started as a nightclub performer and had theater appearances in musicals including "Irma La Douce" and "Cabaret." The soap operas "The Young and the Restless," "Days of Our Lives," and "The Bold and the Beautiful" were among Clary's other TV credits after "Hogan's Heroes."


The pinnacle of his career, in his opinion, was musical theater.
In a 2014 interview, he remarked, "I loved to go to the theater at quarter-eight, put on the stage makeup, and amuse."

Before 1980, when those who downplayed or rejected the orchestrated attempt by Nazi Germany to eliminate Jews prodded him to speak out, he remained silent about his wartime experiences.


Clary, who had given up performing, kept himself occupied with his family, friends, and painting. In 2001, Robert Clary's autobiography, "From the Holocaust to Hogan's Heroes: The Autobiography of Robert Clary," was released.

   November 11, 2022 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Gallagher, 76

Gallagher, 76
Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr. 

(July 24, 1946 – November 11, 2022)
American comedian.
Cause of death: multiple organ failure.


The 76-year-old comedian Gallagher, who was famous for breaking watermelons as part of his act, has passed away.


Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr., a native of North Carolina, passed away on Friday, November 11, "after a short health fight," his manager, Craig Marquardt, told CNN. The performer "died away in Palm Springs, California, surrounded by his family," the representative revealed.

According to Gallagher's son-in-law, the comedian had previously experienced "several heart attacks." The Book of Daniel actor experienced a small heart attack and passed out on stage in March 2011.


After experiencing what his management described as a "moderate to serious" heart attack the following year, Gallagher was put into a medically induced coma. He continued touring following his recuperation and made cameos on The Eric Andre Show in 2013 and Celebrity Big Brother 2 in 2019.


He started his farewell tour, dubbed The Last Smash, in the same year. The "Sledge-O-Matic" section of Gallagher's act, which he dubbed his hallmark act, had him smashing various foods and items with a heavy mallet. He would typically break a watermelon after the joke, sprinkling the crowd with the fruit's pieces.

   November 10, 2022 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Kevin Conroy, 66

Kevin Conroy, 66

(November 30, 1955 – November 10, 2022)
American actor (Batman: The Animated Series, Search for Tomorrow, Ohara).
Cause of death: intestinal cancer.


Kevin Conroy, the actor who voiced the animated Batman, has died, TMZ has learned. Kevin's spokesman Gary Miereanu confirmed the sad news. He died after a short battle with cancer. He was 66 years old.


"He will be sorely missed not only by the show's cast but also by his legion of fans around the world," said his co-star Diane Pershing. Kevin moved to California in 1980. He first got a role in the soap opera Another World and then worked for many years in the theater and on television. Many remember him for voicing the superhero Batman in Batman: The Animated Series from 1992 to 1995.


Since voicing Batman for the first time, Kevin has frequently appeared as a superhero in television, movies, and video games, such as the Justice League films, Batman: The Killing Joke, and Batman Beyond.


He has received seven awards over the years for his vocal contributions, including Best Actor in 2015 for his work in video games. In the DC Comics anthology Pride, he also contributed a story titled Finding Batman that detailed his experiences as a gay man.

   November 5, 2022 

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Aaron Carter, 34

Aaron Carter, 34

(December 7, 1987 – November 5, 2022)
American singer ("Crush on You", "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)", "Leave It Up to Me").
Cause of death: unknown.


At the age of 35, singer Aaron Carter passed away. At his Lancaster, California, home, he was discovered dead. Police confirmed to TMZ that they received a report of a man drowning in a bathtub on Saturday around 11 a.m. Sources told TMZ that although detectives are looking into the case, it is merely a formality because there is no evidence to suggest a violent death.


Aaron became well-known as a pop singer in the late 1990s after putting out four studio albums. When he was just 9 years old in 1997, he released his debut album. His second album, "Aaron's Party," sold three million copies after selling one million copies of his debut album.


He joined the regular cast of Nickelodeon, an American children's TV channel, soon after the second album's commercial success. Along with his older brother Nick, he frequently performed on tour with the Backstreet Boys.


He joined the regular cast of Nickelodeon, an American children's TV channel, soon after the second album's commercial success. Along with his older brother Nick, he frequently performed on tour with the Backstreet Boys. Over the years, Aaron has run into issues with the law and drug abuse quite frequently. He has frequently attended rehab.

   November 3, 2022 

   NOTABLE  deaths    

Ray Guy, 72

Ray Guy, 72

(December 22, 1949 – November 3, 2022)
American Hall of Fame football player (Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders), Super Bowl champion (XI, XV, XVIII).

Cause of death: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.



Ray Guy, a legendary punter for the Oakland Raiders and one of the best in NFL history, passed away on Thursday at the age of 72 following a protracted illness, according to his alma school, the University of Southern Mississippi.

His kicks were so high that one that he made during a Pro Bowl and struck the Superdome scoreboard 90 feet above the field contributed to the invention of the football term "hang time." The success of the outstanding Raiders teams of the 1970s and 1980s was greatly attributed to his ability to trap the opponent deep with either high kicks or well-placed kicks.


Guy spent his entire 14-year NFL career with the Raiders, who selected him in the first round of the 1973 draft. Before presenting Ray Guy for entry into the Hall of Fame in 2014, the late John Madden remarked, "Ray Guy was a football player who punted." William Ray Guy, a native of Thomson, Georgia, is a member of both the National High School Sports Hall of Fame and the College Football Football Hall of Fame.


For his All-American career at Southern Miss, he was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014 and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2004.


Guy was a first-team All-Pro six times, a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, and a member of three Raiders Super Bowl teams. He was renowned for his hang time on punts. Additionally, he was named to the NFL's 75th and 100th Anniversary All-Time teams as well as the 1970s All-Decade squad.


Madden claimed that the moment he saw Guy punt for the Raiders during practice, he realized the group had something unique. Then, Madden remarked, "He punted the longest, highest footballs I had ever seen."

   November 1, 2022 

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Takeoff, 28

Takeoff, 28

(June 18, 1994 – November 1, 2022)
American rapper (Migos) and songwriter ("Versace", "MotorSport").
Cause of death: shot.



According to American media, RAPER Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball or Kirsnick Khari Ball (28) of the wildly popular hip-hop group Migos was killed in a shooting at a Houston bowling alley. When a fight broke out while Takeoff and his teammate Quavo were bowling, someone fired a gun. After being shot in the head, the rapper passed away immediately.


Witnesses said that despite their efforts to move him, he eventually remained lying down while Quavo yelled and cried out for assistance. Sources claim that the shooting occurred after two in the morning and that the police were notified that a man had been shot in the bowling alley. Two additional people who had been shot and taken to the hospital were found by the police. Right now, their condition is unknown.


On social media, this band's friends and supporters bid the tragically deceased rapper farewell. "Takeoff has always been a chill and incredibly down-to-earth guy. I find it incomprehensible that another young, black star has been senselessly killed. There must be a change because so many young people are passing away "Chris Eubank Jr., a boxer, tweeted.


Takeoff, the newest member of Migos, was Kirshnik Khari Ball. Offset is his cousin, and Quavo is his uncle. They began performing together as a group in Georgia in 2008, and Versace, one of their 2013 hits, was their breakthrough song. With the hit single Bad and Boujeee, they topped the Billboard chart in 2016.

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